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Under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, every 'adjoining owner' is subject to the provisions of the Act. Whilst in a typical domestic scenario this is usually limited to one party, larger commercial developments - particularly in built up areas like Blackwood - can affect multiple adjoining owners.

In such a case, the process of serving notices, mediating disputes and issuing Party Wall awards can be complex, lengthy and expensive - particularly with Yor professional fees being as high as they are.

At the Right Surveyors, we offer a team of surveyors to work on your project - making sure the demands of the Party Wall Act are thoroughly, efficiently dealt with.

Party Wall Advice - Blackwood
Terraced properties, Blackwood

We offer two crucial advantages:

  • If your neighbour is carrying out building work up to your boundary line, for any party wall job, large or small, who boasts more than 150 party wall instructions and membership of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors.
  • If you want to dispute the works, our surveyor can help you manage the process effectively and avoid damage. If you're the party wanting to build, we can help you proceed as smoothly as possible, whilst fulfilling your legal obligations.

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